Someone requested a picture of me in Supernatural a while back.I look like some sort of angel hunter.
… I like it.


Someone requested a picture of me in Supernatural a while back.
I look like some sort of angel hunter.

… I like it.


Elsa ↔ Hans

Anna ← Kristoff

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☆★  Happy Birthday Cry!  ★☆
• Crynime & Victubia - Joining forces! •
Speed Drawing

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☆★  Happy Birthday Cry!  ★☆
• Crynime & Victubia - Joining forces! •
Speed Drawing

My newest badass background

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Any ideas on what you guys wanna read next?
I wanna give Krinx and Victubia a break.
So here’s some ideas
-Restart Silver Starlight
*Silver goes through life alone, but must over come the trials of other people before she travels to the Plains- the home of the past Kings and Queens.
-Falling Through Skies
*Falling Through Skies is about traveling to many different alternate universes where one person is stuck seeing how all things could turn out with every choice
*Aftermath takes place in Tally’s world. Where one Special lives with the task of hiding so other cities don’t find out about his existence
-The other poll options
*pick which you like more from the other options. I’ll make it work.


There is nothing else of greater importance. 
When can I sign up for citizenship?

There is nothing else of greater importance.
When can I sign up for citizenship?

Krism: Baby we're gonna touch butts all summer.





pls mom don’t hate me

The content of this comic is heartbreaking but the art style is kinda hilarious. Could you please tell me what to feel?

Actually me too, I find this heartbreaking and hilarous at the same time this is so weird.

this was me growing up.

Take this as an apology

-30 years later-
Krism sat in the snow, her breath visible in her pale red eye. A small card in between her fingers, reading “Merry Christmas.” Her back up against a stone statue in a yard full of them. Above a tomb where the people in depicted in them laid for their final rest. The one behind Krism was a statue of the late queen and her consort. The queen standing tall, her hand banishing away evil from them. The other hand resting on the short consort’s back. The consort stood smiling a smile to love and to fear. One the queen loved so much.
Krism wore a faded over sized shirt that she took before leaving the castle and the jeans given to her by Silver over 50 years ago. Krism chuckled, ‘perks of not aging. Everything fits!’ The chuckle made a tear fall down her cheek. She wiped it away and looked over the statues in front of her. The castle stood and in it was the new ruler, Krism’s child. The coronation was three years ago. Minx never got to see it, she died when their child was in it’s mid twenties. She died of a disease that failed to leave them. She died in her 60s. She said she lived. She said she had gotten all that she could’ve begged for out of life. But Krism disagreed. She would never see her grandchildren, she would never see their child wear the crown, she would never see their child get married, she would never be able to see their child grow old, never see them die like Krism did.
Krism cried again. It had been 3 years and Krism knew she never would be whole again. It was impossible. Her energy’s match was where ever they go after their husk was gone. Minx’s body wasn’t just a husk, Minx was Minx, nothing about her was just as it is usually labeled.
Silver was there for Krism as much as she could be, but Silver had a life with someone. Someone she cared for. Krism had met her and knew they were meant to be happy for as long as their abnormal life spans lasted. Silver only had just over ten years left to her ruling period and had to make the most of it.
Silver had told Krism that when the time was right Krism would have a place to stay. She never said really when. Probably so no false hopes could be made. She felt a presence that she knew all to well, she didn’t need to look at the girl who sat next to her.
“You know, it was his first time.” Silver said after minutes of silence. Krism looked at her. Silver’s eyes were glass like, it was strange to look at them. Usually she wore the glasses at least, but Krism knew she was immune to Silver’s eye magic so there was no need for them. “He was so excited. He couldn’t wait till he got here. Hopping like a child in his seat, asking me so many questions. ‘What does it feel like to cross a dimensional rift?’ ‘What do you think my double looks like?” Silver’s eyes watered. ‘What’s it like over there?’ ‘I bet they have really good food.’” Silver’s voice broke with the words she spoke.
Being around Krism brought back the sadness like it did for her. Krism upon instinct wrapped her arms around Silver. The two cried. The hug bittersweet. “Minx used to tell me that I shouldn’t be too sad because I still had her. That I would always have her. The final thing she said was ‘I’m going to be dead any minute now so I need you to be the strong girl I always knew you to be. I love you. That’s all that matters.’ Then she started really slipping away from me. I cried and smiled for her and she touched my face that gentle way I loved and outlined my features like I changed. And just held her other hand and wiped away any of her tears.”
Krism felt both of their sobs soften. She let go of Silver and tapped her newly dyed head. “Fully silver now huh?” She asked.
“Yeah. I though to mix it up a bit. Who needs hair at 200?” They both laughed.
“Is….. is it time?” Krism asked her voice on the edge of begging.
“It is. It’s all worked out. I think you’ll love it.”
“Really. Don’t give me the frown like I’m wrong now. You’ll forget all about this sadness by tomorrow.” Silver smiled. Krism looked at her puzzled. “Just trust me. When have I been wrong?”
“Forever and always.” Silver stood and helped Krism to her feet.
The red eyed woman nodded in thanks brushing herself off. She followed the silver eyed girl through the stone yards leaving behind the card for Minx if she could read it somehow.
“Merry Christmas baby,
I hope you’re alright where ever you are. If you are anywhere.
I hope Silver was right about the whole energies thing. I can’t wait to meet you all over again. But please, if you have any control over it, make my Christmas present you not having a penis in the next one. Just kidding, I’d love you anyway.
But I know you know that. And I know you love me.
I’ll find you again one day. I promise. And you know I don’t let my promises go lightly.


Krism stood next to Silver in a pure black room except for white shards of mirror plates that floated around. Krism looked around, “why are we here?”
“This is a broken dimension. It is kept stable by the others, being fed energy from them. You can see into all of them through here. It also doesn’t follow the rules of the normal dimensions. Your age isn’t effected by coming or leaving here.” The young queen explained.
“That doesn’t answer my question.” Krism looked at her even more confused.
“I did…. in a way.”
The piece of white flew towards them, Silver lifting her palm making it slow to a stop in front of them. Silver drew a shape onto the unreflective mirror and kissed it, making it glow. Images appeared upon it. Making Krism gasp.
A woman that looked a lot like herself stood chased a child around in a small parlor looking space, followed by a brunette much taller than her doppelganger. It looked like Minx. On the wall were pictures of the two in white gowns in a tight sweet embrace. One of the shorter woman working on a board, deep in concentration. Another of the two woman and their child all holding gaming remotes. Next to it a newspaper article most likely written by one of the two and framed and a degree from some school.
“W-What is this…..? Silver?” Krism asked edging closer to Silver carefully.
Silver smiled at the images and tapped the mirror making it shatter and come back together. The images changed into something else, the women were the same but younger slightly. They sat in front of a glowing screen, both in chairs in front of a desk with a microphone to their mouths, laughing and playfully pushing each other. The shorter tan woman pulling the taller into a sweet quick kiss.
Krism’s heart jumped and looked closer before Silver again tapped the mirror, repeating the process. This scene was of the shorter one younger than before, she was sitting in a uncomfortable looking chair as if waiting for something, looking out a giant window. Krism gasped looking at the woman closely. Not only did she look similar to her, but EXACTLY like her. Krism only saw one difference: instead of black and red eyes, they were a dark green. Silver’s smile grew and she froze the image.
“Touch her.” Silver said.
“Are… are you sure?” Krism couldn’t keep her eyes off the woman on the screen.
“Trust me.”
Krism slowly reached her hand out and touched the woman. Then, she froze. Everything froze. Everything started cracking like glass around her, her senses dulled until nothing remained of anything. The sadness, the loneliness, her memories, and finally shattered. Like the mirror, it began coming back together.
Memories filled the darkness. Things so foreign that it all felt familiar. Smiles and the tears. The love and the hate. The dreams she was determined to get. Her hopes to move away from where she was. When all the gaps filled, she didn’t even remember who Minx was. Or herself for that matter. Or anyone.
Her senses started to come back, the feeling of her hands gripping her jeans, the sound of the tapping of her foot on the floor, the dry taste in her mouth, the smell the airports always smelt like and the sight of the plane touching the ground. Kristen shot up, and scanned each person that came from the small doorway and immediately recognized the tall brunette. Not sparring any time running up to her, nearly knocking the Brit over. Kristen held her tightly and the brunette held her just as tightly.
“I hope you didn’t miss me too much.” She said with a smile in her voice.
“Don’t ever leave me that long ever again.” Kristen replied holding her tighter.
“We’re together again. That’s all that matters.”
“That’s all that ever matters.” Krism took one of Michelle’s bags and intertwined their fingers. “Just in time for Christmas too.” Pulling the woman down to her height she pressed their lips together.
It had felt like 3 years since this sweet feeling filled her. She’d make sure it’d never feel like that again.

-So Ends Their Tale-
-So Starts Another-




welllllllllllllllllllllll, this happened.


at least she’ll be with her parents.


This crying motherfucker